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Off-page activities in SEO

I was originally concerned about ranking my sites and also it was too hard to understand about SEO.

However, I found a web website wherever I learned additional concerning web site SEO additionally as it’s strategies.

Which latest off-page SEO activities taught in digital technology institute?

You’ll find more details in this article. It’s not – self-promotion, the information given by them was really beneficial so I wished to recommend them here.

Right now, I am getting to describe in additional detail concerning your question.

off page seo

1. Guest Posting

  • Guest posting is that the preferred link building technique wherever a piece is written as a guest post by another web site webmaster.
  • Where the author places his/her one among web site article links within the article therein approach the link juice passes to guest post author’s web site.
  • Some SEO consultants claim that Guest Posting is against Google terms and conditions.
  • One minute silence for those, here is the proof of Google allows guest posting on its official blog.

2. Q/A link Building

People typically rummage around for the answers on the net and several other webmasters use this chance for link building purpose.

3. Social Bookmarking

  • Social Bookmarking is a way people use for bookmarking or store their favourite web pages, articles, videos, etc.
  • Many Social Bookmarking websites links area unit Do follow which permit Google to follow them and rank their websites.
  • Social Bookmarking is a straightforward thanks to link building and maybe done inside minutes.

4. Blog Comments

Blog Commenting is my favourite OFF-page SEO link building method by this method you can build powerful backlinks to rank your website.

5. Press Release

  • Press releases area unit one among the effective link building ways and it still continues to spice up program rankings.
  • Through press releases your web site can seem on Google news section from that you simply would clearly get an outsized quantity of traffic to your web site.
  • Press release costs little high but it is still a good investment for gaining do-follow backlinks to our website.

6. Forums

Forum is a great way for participating and discussing with other webmasters

In the forum you can ask various questions, write an answer for questions asked, join on various discussions.

  • To do link building via the forum, join relevant forums and participate in discussions, answer questions.
  • Repeat this for two to three weeks once creating your profile super active rummage around for the question and reply the answers and place your link in it.

7. Web 2.0

  • Web 2.0 link building is that the nice ways and Secret technique for ranking websites.
  • By default, each net two.0 websites such as Word Press, Blogger, Weebly has high page rank and Domain authority.
  • When we use these sites for link building it works nicely once done properly.


  • You can rent SEO consultants from SEO Company to try and do press releases for link building.
  • If you place your link on the day one itself then forum admin determine your linking article for SEO purpose then they’re going to ban your account right away.
  • So do this Off-page SEO technique carefully.
  • Also, you can use forums for doing Off-page SEO work.

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